5 ministers to jointly run Likud until primaries

Following the resignation of Likud Chairman Tzafi Hanegbi, Likud ministers met Wednesday night because the Likud constitution does not stipulate who would become chairman in the case of a Likud chairman quitting. They decided to give themselves the authority to run the party until the December 19 primaries. Among themselves they decided that day-to-day the party would be run by a group of five people made up of Health Minister Dan Naveh, Education Minister Limor Livnat, Likud Faction Chairman Gideon Sa'ar, Likud MK Michael Eitan and Director General Arik Brami. It was also decided that Naveh was to head the committee of five. The first decision by the leaders of the party was to immediately embark on public a relations campaign under the slogan "There is no place like home, the Likud is in the heart."