'58% of Israelis against Golan pullout'

Poll also shows nearly a third of public believes soldiers should refuse to evict Israelis from territory.

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tanks golan 22488
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Fifty-eight percent of Israelis believe the government should not agree to a full withdrawal from the Golan Heights, even in exchange for comprehensive peace with Syria, according to the results of a poll released Tuesday. The poll, conducted by Ma'agar Mohot for the Kinneret College, also showed that nearly a third of the public (33%) believes that IDF soldiers should not carry out orders to evict Israelis from the Golan. Also according to the survey, a significant minority of Israelis (46%) believes the government should not agree to ceding even part of the Golan under any circumstances. A majority of those surveyed (61%) said that they believe the future of the Golan was an issue that would have an influence, or a great influence, in the upcoming general elections. The poll was conducted among a sample of 520 Israelis over the age of 17 and had a 4.5% margin of error. Kinneret College professor, Ze'ev Drori, said that it was the first time public opinion had given such broad legitimacy for refusing IDF orders. "As the survey shows, opposition to a Golan withdrawal is even greater than to the division of Jerusalem," he said. "If this is a representative sample which reflects the population, and considering that the IDF is a peoples army, it means that every third soldier will refuse to carry out the eviction and therefore, it casts doubt on whether such a withdrawal could actually be implemented."