9-year-old girl locked in her house for 6 weeks

A nine-year-old girl was found Thursday after she had been allegedly locked in her house by her mother for the last month and a half. The 29-year-old single mum, who worked as a chambermaid in the Dead Sea, was unable to find a school for her daughter due to her demanding job. She allegedly locked her daughter in the house for 12-14 hours a day out of fear that she would wander the streets. On Thursday, the girl, who had apparently got fed up with her incarceration, opened a window and shouted that her house was on fire. Neighbors, who heard the piercing screams, called the police and when they arrived the girl threw her mother's cellular phone number out of the window. When police ordered the 29-year-old chambermaid to come to the house, she claimed she was too busy at work. Police consequently broke down the door and took the girl to the police station.