All's fair in love and war?

In Likud's YouTube clip, Nasrallah sings the praises of "weak" Livni.

livni boy hasrallah likud 248.88 (photo credit: )
livni boy hasrallah likud 248.88
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Ten days after a young Israeli admirer of Kadima leader Tzipi Livni who calls himself "Livni Boy" distributed a video singing her praises on YouTube, the Likud followed suit Thursday with a parody "sung" by none other than Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Click on PLAY icon below to watch the video The "Livni Boy" song attempted to follow up on the success of "Obama Girl" with the June 2007 Internet video "I Got A Crush On Obama." That video, starring scantily clad model Amber Lee Ettinger seductively singing to pictures of Barack Obama, spread like wildfire on the Internet and was credited with helping the Illinois senator win the Democratic presidential nomination. In the Livni Boy video, actor Liran Avisar is seen waking up under a picture of the foreign minister, putting on a "Livni Boy" shirt and singing of his love for her while dancing on the streets of Tel Aviv. "Oh Tzipi, you're what I wanted, all that I expected from a political leader," the chorus goes in a mixture of Hebrew and English. "I don't want Ehud. I don't trust Bibi. Tzipi if you let me, I will be your man. Just tell me yes." In another line, he sings "Not Golda, not Condoleezza, not Palin, not Michelle Obama, because no one can beat you, Momma." In the new counter-version, commissioned by Likud strategist Ronnie Rimon, Nasrallah's face is superimposed on Avisar's and the words are very different. The tune is also given an Arabic twang. "Until you came, I thought I was messed up, but now I am strengthened," Nasrallah sings in the video. "Now you are running for prime minister, even though you were a failed foreign minister. I always wanted you to stand at the head, so it will be easier for me to crush the North. I know you don't provide any security and it will give me a great push. "Because of you [Livni], I can capture you [Israel] and kick your butt and annoy you shamelessly. It's fun that you're weak." The video was sent to political reporters from an address with the fake name Christian Shikora. Kadima strategist Lior Horev responded that the video was "incitement from an extremist party that has lost its conscience."