Amram murder suspect named as Muhamad Ga'idi

The Palestinian accused of murdering 20-year old Petah Tikva resident Inbal Amram was named on Thursday as Muhamad Ga'idi from Kalkilya. He was remanded in custody for 12 days having been arrested on Sunday by an elite border police unit following a probe involving the investigations unit of the Yarkon area and the Shin Bet security service. Ga'idi, also about 20, told interrogators that he arrived in Petah Tikva in the early hours of Saturday March 4 with the original intention of stealing a vehicle. As he was looking at the cars in the area, Inbal exited her house to collect her sister from a party, climbed into the car and prepared to drive off. Ga'idi opened the door, threatened Amram and entered the car, and because she tried to escape he stabbed her. He abandoned Amram in the car in a field north of Tel Aviv and a few hours later she was found dead by the police.