Arab posing as J'lem tour guide nabbed for selling ancient coins to tourist

A 43-year-old Arab resident of east Jerusalem has been arrested for allegedly posing as a city tour guide and selling tourists various rare antique coins, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Tuesday. The suspected antiquities thief was nabbed "red-handed" on Sunday in the Old City of Jerusalem by the state-run archeological body's anti-theft division in the midst of one of his sales. The suspect was found carrying around 100 impressive antique coins of various shapes and sizes belonging to Roman Caesars, as well as a motley of other coins that date back to the Hellenistic Period. The coins, which were taken from various archeological sites across the country, are valued in the thousands of dollars. A subsequent search of the suspect's car uncovered various antique ceramic utensils dating back thousands of years, which he apparently also intended to sell, as well as an additional stock of antique coins.