Beersheba women help police nab suspects [pg. 2]

Two alert Beersheba women aided local police Tuesday, as their calls to the police emergency hot-line led to the arrest of one alleged serial burglar and three suspected drug traffickers, as well as the seizure of 11 kilograms of marijuana. A 17-year-old Beersheba resident was arrested Tuesday after police received a tip from an alert citizen who saw the youth breaking in to a series of houses. The woman called the hot-line after noticing the man trying to break in to a nearby house, then leaving it and entering a neighboring house. Beersheba police patrol units and investigators responded rapidly to the call, preventing the suspect from breaking into a third house. The suspect was detained for interrogation. Earlier Tuesday, another alert Beersheba resident noticed a suspicious-looking vehicle near Hanokdim Junction and called the police emergency hot-line, leading to a police seizure of 11 kilograms of marijuana and the detention of three suspected drug traffickers. After receiving the concerned woman's call, police forces rushed to the scene and stopped the vehicle. During the ensuing search, police discovered the marijuana, and arrested the car's driver and both passengers. All three men, residents of the northern town of Kfar Manda, are already known to police for previous drug-related offenses and were jailed pending the continuation of the police probe.