Big brother: Bill would lift limits on gathering info

Proposal would allow police to gather Intel from Web sites, phone conversations without court order.

Cellphone 224.88 (photo credit: Bloomberg [file])
Cellphone 224.88
(photo credit: Bloomberg [file])
The Knesset's Constitution, Legislation, and Law Committee approved a second and third vote in the Knesset plenum for a bill that would allow police greater freedom in gathering information from electronic sources. According to the bill, police would be able to obtain data from Internet sites, phone conversations, and pinpoint the location of a person speaking on a cellular phone. The bill would allow an investigating police officer to gather such data without provision of a court order, if the officer was convinced that there was urgent need to gather information to prevent a crime or save lives. The committee's chairman, Menahem Ben-Sasson, said the bill would not jeopardize the public's right to privacy. "The citizens of Israel can rest assured that their privacy will remain protected," he said.