B'Tselem: Since 2000, 7,454 Israelis, Palestinians killed

According to human rights group report, 6,371 Palestinian, 1,083 Israeli causalities during armed conflict in last 10 years.

Terrorists and kids 311 (photo credit: Ben Curtis/AP)
Terrorists and kids 311
(photo credit: Ben Curtis/AP)
Since September 29th, 2000, 6,371 Palestinians have been killed and 1,083 Israelis according to a report by B'Tselem on the casualties of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict released on Monday.
According to the report, 1,317 of the 6,371 Palestinians were minors, at least 2,996 of them did not take part in fighting when they died and 2,193 died while they participated in fighting. B'Tselem said it was unaware whether 694 of the Palestinians did or did not take part in fighting. Two-hundred and forty-eight were Palestinian police officers who died in Operation Cast Lead and 240 were targets of assassination.
"Palestinians killed 1,083 Israelis in Israel and in the territories in the last 10 years," said B'Tselem. "Seven-hundred and forty-one of the killed were citizens, 124 of them were minors, and 342 were security personnel."
On Sunday evening, a nine-month pregnant Israeli woman and her husband were wounded in a terror shooting on Route 60 in the West Bank.
The two were hit while in their vehicle and managed to reach Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, where the woman underwent surgery for her wounds after giving birth by Cesarean section to a healthy baby boy.