Cabinet approves four candidates for A-G job

Cabinet approves 4 A-G c

Israel appeared to edge closer to choosing a new attorney-general on Sunday as the cabinet approved the initiative of Defense Minister Ehud Barak that Menahem Mazuz's successor be chosen from the four candidates who were each recommended by three members of the search committee, which last week failed to come to an agreement on nominees. The four are: attorney Yehuda Weinstein, Bar-Ilan University law professor Yedidya Stern, Tel Aviv University law professor Daphna Barak-Erez and attorney Zvi Agmon. The cabinet also accepted Barak's proposal that Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman would interview the four and recommend one of them to cabinet ministers, who will vote to approve to reject the nomination. Also according to the decision, if Neeman doesn't recommend any of the candidates, he won't be able to recommend anyone else, and the matter will then go back to the cabinet to decide on the next move in the process of choosing a new attorney-general. Sunday's cabinet decision was unanimous, with only Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon abstaining. The initiative was said to be Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's preferred method, and marked a one-time return to the previous method used until former attorney-general Elyakim Rubinstein was selected in 1998. Neeman was expected to start interviewing the candidates on Sunday night or Monday morning, and was due to give his recommendation to the cabinet in the next two weeks.