Club guard killed in Tel Aviv drive-by

Another guard, taxi driver in moderate condition following the attack; police searching for suspects.

ambulance 88 (photo credit: )
ambulance 88
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A security guard for a night club in Tel Aviv was killed early Saturday morning when he was shot by gunmen in a passing car as he made his way home from work. The victim has been named by police as Alexander Pozbedetzky. A taxi driver and another security guard were moderately wounded in the attack. Both of the wounded managed to get to Ichilov Hospital, in the city. Backed up by a helicopter, police scoured the area in search of the suspects, but by mid-Saturday had failed to locate them. According to an initial police investigation, the two guards had been sharing a taxi home when they were sprayed by bullets. The cab driver continued driving until he reached the hospital. Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report.