Company denies Mughrabi permit report

Media sources said owners of J'lem site withdrew request for building bridge.

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The Jewish Quarter Development Company denied on Tuesday evening that it had withdrawn its original request for a building permit for the Mughrabi Gate bridge construction, Army Radio reported. Earlier Tuesday media reports stated that the company, which owns the land on which excavations are already underway to prepare for the bridge, pulled the request following a decision by Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski on Monday to re-evaluate the building plans for the walkway.
  • Ruins discovered at Mughrabi site The decision would mean that the construction of the bridge would need to be examined afresh. The initial reports quoted the company's CEO, Nissim Arzi, as saying the company was looking at alternatives to the bridge. For the last week, protests have raged against the current archaeological excavation due to its proximity to the Temple Mount and the Al Aksa Mosque. Numerous Arab leaders, Islamic groups and Palestinians have called for violence and jihad if the work were not immediately halted.