Conflicting claims of 'Corrie' plans

Ship may reach Gaza in 24 hours; organizer: Delay due to sabotage.

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Passengers aboard the Gaza-bound protest ship MV Rachel Corrie said Friday morning they intended to arrive in Gaza within 24 hours.
Those aboard denied reports that the ship’s arrival in Gaza would be canceled or significantly delayed.
Earlier Friday morning, two conflicting reports circulated concerning the ship, with one saying it had encountered technical difficulties while anchoring at Cyprus -
causing organizers to delay or even cancel their plans to reach Gaza -and the other saying Israel had deliberately sabotaged the ship.
Irish flotilla organizer Audrey Bomse said in an interviewthat the trip would be put off due to an Israeli sabotage of two pressand passenger ships intended to accompany the cargo ship, the Rachel Corrie.
The Jerusalem Post could not confirm either report.