Court closes Jerusalem baby killer case

Nahman Anshin, suspected of killing daughter, deemed unfit to stand trial.

A Jerusalem court has closed the case against a man who allegedly killed his eight-month-old daughter after an argument with his wife.
The court accepted a psychiatric evaluation that Nahman Anshin, 23, was not fit to stand trial.
He was sent to a psychiatric hospital.
In the late December 2009 incident, tenants in the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood heard screams coming from an apartment and called the police. Before officers arrived, one of the neighbors and a police volunteer broke into the apartment from a balcony and claim that they saw Anshin's banging the head of baby Fruma against the floor while holding her feet.
Anshin's wife told police that her husband had earlier thrown her out of the house after a heated argument.
Anshin's lawyer, Ya'acov Kaminsky, has claimed all along that his client is well known to be mentally ill.