Damn hot

Summer, heat and dance come together on the stages of Tel Aviv's Suzanne Dellal.

dance batsheva 88 (photo credit: )
dance batsheva 88
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The Suzanne Dellal Center is turning up the heat with its Maholohet (Hot Dance) summer dance festival. This year's program boasts a full summer of sizzling performances, showcasing the best of Israeli dance. From July 1 until August 29, hundreds of dancers will take the stage in 76 concerts. Part of Maholohet's appeal is the appearance of so many preeminent companies. The Batsheva, Inbal Pinto and Vertigo Dance Companies are each presenting multiple programs of critically acclaimed works. Many popular smaller groups and up-and-coming independent choreographers are also heating up the program with their creative fires. Raising the temperature further this summer are 11 hot-off-the-press premieres by choreographers as diverse as Yasmeen Godder, Alice Dor-Cohen, Ronit Ziv, Idan Cohen and Elina Pechersky. Another much anticipated highlight is a special guest program with dancers from the famed Paris Opera Ballet. But with its decided focus on Israeli artists, Maholohet often reveals fresh trends in the country's dance scene. This year, video is at the top of the list. Among the premieres are Rina Schenfeld's Angels, Sally-Anne Friedland's A Private Collection and Amir Kolben's Gates of Jerusalem - all of which are illuminated by video art. Video also lights up Arkadi Zaides's Solo Siento, Ofra Idel's Harmony Sucks 4, Tania Vinokur's Cinco - Flamenco Fusion and Tamar Borer and Tamara Erde's Isaora Hun. Another revelation is the wide range of dance styles performed in this small country. Besides contemporary dance - which itself is varied - Maholohet includes African dance, Middle Eastern dance, Indian dance and quite a bit of Spanish flamenco. Regardless of style, each program is filled with imaginative artistic vision and talented, energetic performers. It's a good thing that the theater has air conditioning, for Maholohet's program is hot - and also it's hot outside. July 3 - Batsheva Ensemble presents Kaamos+love by Ohad Naharin & Sharon Eyal at 10 p.m. for NIS 100/120 July 4, 6, 7, 8 - Batsheva Dance Company presents HORA by Ohad Naharin at 9 p.m. for NIS 100/120 July 7 - Dorotea Dance Theatre presents Stage in Life by Dorit Shimron at 9 p.m. for NIS 70 July 9 - Batsheva Dance Company presents Makarova Kabisa by Sharon Eyal with DJ Ori Lichtik at 9 p.m. for NIS 100/120 Bangoura African Dance Company presents Liberte at 9 p.m. for NIS 85 For all Batsheva performances call (03) 510-4037 and for all others (03) 510-5656.