Dana Bennett murder trial postponed

Court accepts request submitted by chief suspect's lawyer who claims he hasn't received case material in its entirety.

Yihye Farhan bennet killer 248.88 ch2 (photo credit: Channel 2)
Yihye Farhan bennet killer 248.88 ch2
(photo credit: Channel 2)
The trial of Adwan Yihya Farhan, the 32-year-old Beduin who is suspected of murdering 18-year-old Dana Bennett in 2003, was postponed on Thursday morning until September. The Nazareth District Court thereby accepted the request submitted by Farhan's lawyer, who claimed that he had not received the case material in its entirety. Farhan's then-girlfriend, identified only as 'Y' since she was a minor at the time of the murder, is also under suspicion as an accomplice in the case. Y's trial was postponed for three-and-a-half months. Before the postponement, Farhan's indictment was read in court and the alleged killer said, "I did nothing, the police are corrupt. I did not confess [to the crime]." He said Y "did everything alone, I don't even know her." Farhan is also charged with murdering Czech tourist Sylvia Molrova and Aharon Simahov - a cell mate of Farhan's during a brief incarceration in a Tiberias prison - as well as raping a prostitute.