Deputy FM Whbee refuses to meet extreme right-wing Dutch parliamentarian

Deputy Foreign Minister Majallie Whbee (Kadima) has refused to meet Greet Wilders, leader of the Dutch extreme right-wing Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom), his office said in a statement, Monday. Wilders, a staunch anti-Muslim, is visiting Israel as the head of a delegation of Dutch parliamentarians from his party. He is expected to meet several ministers, members of Knesset and other government officials. Wilders is known in Holland for his extreme statements against Islam and Muslims. He called to outlaw the Koran in Holland and also said that if the Prophet Muhammad was living in Holland today, he would deserve deportation. He also called in the past not to appoint Muslim ministers to the Dutch government. "Racism is racism, irrespective of the religion or race toward which its directed. As we battle anti-Semitism, we should also fight any other display of hate for the other, and not gove allowances to those whose arrows of hate are turned towards non-Jews," Whbee said.