Efrati sentenced to 8 years

Former Ashkenazi guard to pay victim NIS 150,000 for sexual assault.

efrati (photo credit: Channel 10)
(photo credit: Channel 10)
Erez Efrati, a former body guard of IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi was sentenced to eight years in prison at Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday. Efrati was convicted last month of attempted sexual molestation and sexual assault, as part of a plea bargain reached by court.
As part of his sentence Efrati will be obligated to pay NIS 150,000 to the 23-year-old victim of his crime.
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The judges announced in the sentencing statement that they did not accept the claims of Efrati's defense that he was unaware of his actions because of excessive alcohol consumption.
The incident in question occurred late last December, after Efrati left his bachelor party at a strip club near the Tel Aviv Port. He allegedly followed the 22-year-old plaintiff to her car at a nearby parking lot near the Reading power plant and dragged her from the car to the banks of the Yarkon River, where he allegedly attempted to rape her as he beat her and threatened to kill her.
Prior to sentencing, Efrati addressed the court on Sunday:
"I ask the court's mercy," said Efrati, stating that he had never imagined standing in that situation. He said he felt deep remorse and compassion towards the victim, along with shock and fear for himself. "Since that bloody morning, I wake up filled with feelings of sorrow and anger at myself for getting into this situation," Efrati added.