Eitan: Don't even consider W. Bank withdrawal yet

So long as Israel does not possess defense systems against high-trajectory weapons it should not even consider withdrawing from territories in the West Bank, GIL Chairman Rafi Eitan said Wednesday. Eitan, a Security Cabinet member, highlighted hills and areas opposite the Judean desert, territories he claimed were vital for Israel's security. "We should not even speak about the possibility of giving them up," he told Israel Radio. "As long as there are threats from the East, including Ahmadinejad in Iran, al-Qaida and Shi'ite groups in Lebanon and Syria, Israel must not relinquish territories that are vital for its security." The Security Cabinet convened Wednesday morning for a special meeting on threats in the North and home front protection. Eitan said the cabinet members would discuss possible responses to missile attacks. The Security Cabinet is set to meet again on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the implementation of the Winograd report.