Eitan facts and figures

79 years old Mossad director of operations for 25 years and its senior representative in Europe • He became famous as the commander of the squad that captured Adolf Eichmann on Garibaldi Street in Buenos Aires in May 1960 • Eitan's name became a household word following the Jonathan Pollard spy affair in the US. Pollard was arrested in 1985. Eitan agreed to take full responsibility and resigned as head of the Office of Scientific Relations. Eitan has pledged to work towards Pollard's release from the Knesset. • Advised three prime ministers on combating Palestinian and other terrorism. • Famous quote: "There is a Rashi commentary there that says the greatest damage the 12 spies who went to spy out the Land of Canaan did was to give advice [not merely report accurately what they saw]. It is forbidden for handlers, or for the agencies, to give advice. They must only report the facts, not give commentary."