'Fellow students murder Yeshiva man'

23-year-old was stabbed to death in 'argument over living quarters' in Netanya kolel, police tell 'Post.'

Police find body 248 88 (photo credit: Police [file])
Police find body 248 88
(photo credit: Police [file])
A 23-year-old yeshiva student was stabbed to death in Netanya in the early hours of Wednesday morning by two other students, in what police say was a dispute over living quarters. David Mensharov was assaulted by two men and stabbed repeatedly. He was seen by neighbors staggering in the street, and was rushed by paramedics to Netanya's Laniado Hospital, where doctors pronounced his death. Police have arrested two suspects, Avi Ben-Naim, aged 22 and Yizhak hanuka, 35, in connection with the slaying. The Netanya Magistrate's Court extended their remand by 8 days. The murder victim and the two suspects all attended the Kolel Yeshiva in the city, which takes in newly religious young people with a history of crime, as part of an effort to rehabilitate violent offenders. The Prison Rehabilitation Authority helped pioneer a program under which well behaved offenders are released two-thirds into their prison sentences to centers around the country, such as religious learning centers. "The background is a dispute over living space in their dorms," a police source told The Jerusalem Post. "This dispute has been going on for two days. It turns out a previous fight broke out two days ago, but that was not reported to police," the source added. The source dismissed a Ynet report which claimed the fight was linked to a "Halachic disagreement." One suspect is known to police due to previous violent offences, the source said. "The murder victim was accused of behaving badly towards his attackers," he added.