FM to Kadima: Accept 'transfer'

Lieberman sets his conditions for joining gov't coalition.

lieberman imposing 311 (photo credit: AP)
lieberman imposing 311
(photo credit: AP)
Israel Beiteinu would be willing to allow Kadima into the coalition if they would agree to support the idea of a population transfer in a peace deal with the Palestinians, Army Radio reported Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman as saying on Tuesday.
Lieberman was also quoted as saying that Israel will face a true test in September when the moratorium on building in the West Bank is scheduled to end.
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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu probed opposition leader Tzipi Livni and MK Tzahi Hanegbi about the possibility of Kadima joining a national unity government in meetings last week, Kadima and Likud sources confirmed Monday.
The sources denied reports that Kadima was en route to the government or that progress had been made in talks behind the scenes. They said neither Netanyahu nor Livni had changed their original positions that have prevented a government between them in the past.
Kadima still opposes joining the current government without setting new coalition guidelines in favor of taking steps to expedite the diplomatic process, and Netanyahu still opposes showing the door to any of his current coalition partners.
“There is no chance that Netanyahu has changed his mind,” Hanegbi said. “He asked us what we thought about widening the government. We said we cannot join the coalition as-is, but Kadima would have no problem with going back to square one and forming new guidelines. If the other parties want to stay, they can.”
Livni told the Kadima faction on Monday she was not interested in saving the current government but in changing its policies and the makeup of the coalition.
“Nothing has changed in my stance, which I explain everywhere,” she said.