Footballer Badier's car shot at three times

The car of national footballer Walid Badir was shot three times in the village of Kafr Kasim, where he lives. The shooting came about a week after Badir's brother Zahad was shot in the legs for having an affair with and refusing to marry the 23-year old daughter of the Issa family, which is prominent in the central region village. Badir himself is married to a member of the Issa family, a relative said. Sharon police spokesman Oded Sharabi said the police didn't know who was behind the shooting of Badir's car, although it could be connected to the wounding of Zahad. "It's possible to assume this, but it is impossible to say this with any certainty," said Sharabi. Police have arrested Hamdalla Issa, the father of Zahad's girlfriend, her brother Samar and her uncle Ma'amun. On Wednesday the three men were indicted on suspicion that they were involved in Zahad's shooting. Despite the attacks, Sharabi said that police were not providing Badir with protection. A spokesman for Badir's team, Hapoel Tel Aviv, said they were giving the midfielder their full support. "We admire the player a lot and will help him in this period. The affair should come to an end soon," the spokesman said. Badir is one of the country's top footballers and is its most prominent Arab player. He couldn't be reached for comment by press time.