For Morag - read Baghdad, for Elei Sinai - read Acre

The Hamas settlement-renaming document lists 20 former Jewish settlements and Israeli-controlled areas in the Gaza Strip and suggests they be renamed immediately. Following are some of the proposed changes: • Erez - Qana (the south Lebanese village where more than 100 people were killed by Israeli missiles during Operation Grapes of Wrath more than a decade ago) • Dugit - Badr (a place in Saudi Arabia where a key battle took place between Prophet Muhammad and his rivals. The battle was seen as a turning point in Muhammad's struggle against the Meccan Quraish tribe. The battle has been passed down in Islamic history as a decisive victory attributable to divine intervention or the genius of Muhammad.) • Netzer Hazani - Hittin (the place where the battle took place in 1187 between the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem and the forces of the Ayyubid dynasty under the renowned Muslim warrior Saladin. The battle enabled the Muslims to regain control of Jerusalem from the Christians.) • Neveh Dekalim - Al-Karamah (a village in the lower Jordan Valley that was the site of a battle between the IDF and Fatah. The Arabs describe it as the first Arab victory over Israel after the Six Day War in 1967.) • Kfar Yam - Tripoli (a city in north Lebanon) • Morag - Baghdad • Kfar Darom - Castel • Bnei Atzmon - Safed • Nisanit - Nahawand (The Battle of Nahawand (Niharvand) gave the Arabs a final victory over the Persians and ended the Sassanian dynasty that ruled Persia for four centuries.) • Slav - Damascus • Elei Sinai - Acre - K.A.T.