Former journalist Haelyon jailed for statutory rape

"He who has mercy on the cruel, will end up being cruel to the merciful," says judge after sentencing 72-year-old war casualty.

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Former journalist and author Ya'akov Haelyon, 72, was sentenced to a year in jail Monday in the Tel Aviv District Court for the statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl and committing an indecent act on her older sister. Haelyon was also given a six-month suspended sentence and was ordered to pay NIS 20,000 in compensation. The trial had lasted more than six years, with the defense repeatedly trying to postpone it, citing Haelyon's medical condition. Judge Hanan Efrati wrote that he had decided to give Haelyon a prison sentence despite his age and the fact that he had been wounded in two wars fighting for Israel, losing a leg and an eye and suffering from severe headaches which brought on anger attacks. The judge wrote that he had taken into account Haelyon's age, that he had no prior criminal record and that the chances of him posing a danger to the public were slim. Nevertheless, citing the "pattern of criminal behavior" he said the offenses still warranted a significant punishment. "He who has mercy on the cruel, will end up being cruel to the merciful," said the judge. Shortly before his arrest, Haelyon's wife died when she fell out of the window of their apartment building. Press reports at the time suggested she had learned of the allegations against her husband just prior to her death.