Former OC North slams chief of staff

"Halutz committed the sin of arrogance"; commends Hirsch for resigning.

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halutz 88
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Former OC Northern Commander Maj.-Gen. Avigdor (Yanush) Ben-Gal on Monday leveled accusations of arrogance and poor leadership at IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz. "Halutz will come to his senses in time and understand that he can't put the army back together after the failure," Ben-Gal told Army Radio. "Why? Halutz doesn't understand that the army and society are things of the past."
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  • Analysis: When generals examine themselves "He [Halutz] committed the sin of arrogance - someone from the air force is advised to make changes in the ground forces and doesn't do it, and then repeats over and over that a shepherd 'doesn't have to be a sheep' - that isn't arrogance?" Ben-Gal added. Ben-Gal said that Halutz didn't have what it takes to function in a crisis. "He's not daring," Ben-Gal declared, and wondered why the IDF couldn't bring in another professional to run things "properly." "Why can't there be a real war horse?" he asked. However, Ben-Gal asserted, the public doesn't want to see people punished. "The people want a good example, and fair leadership after our huge loss in the war. If it had been a great success - everything would be different." Ben-Gal welcomed the resignation of Brig.-Gen. Gal Hirsch on Sunday, saying he respected Hirsch's decision "very much," and that resigning was an appropriate move for a soldier who had "failed in battle."