From our archives [pg.14]

65 years ago: On July 16, 1941, The Palestine Post reported that British prime minister Winston Churchill, in a major policy address, proclaimed a military alliance with the Soviet Union, announced that RAF had just dropped a record bomb load on certain German industrial compound and that during the past month the Allies suffered the lowest ever losses at sea. British talks with the remaining Vichy-loyal commanders in Syria and Lebanon, held at Acre, were almost concluded, and the cease-fire was held firmly by both sides. In Beirut vast crowds cheered the entry of the first units of the British army. Three enemy ships were reported to have been sunk in the Mediterranean. 25 years ago: On July 16, 1981, The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel downed a Syrian Mig-17 over Lebanon. Three Jews were killed in the heavy terrorist shelling of Nahariya and Kiryat Shmona. The US was expected to lift the ban on the delivery of the F-16 fighter planes to Israel within a week. The Rotem plant, situated southeast from Beersheba, started regular uranium production.