Gafni: Haredi students subject to 'anti-Semitism'

MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) said on Wednesday that the Education Ministry's approach to haredi students showed hints of "anti-Semitic discrimination," and that the ministry was breaking the law by refusing to give equal funding to haredi schools. In response to the data presented at the Knesset's Education Committee, which showed that haredi schools in the North were not supplied with science kits or computers, Gafni pointed out that during the war last summer, Hizbullah had treated all students, including haredi ones, equally as Jews - something the Education Ministry was not doing. Education Minister Yuli Tamir said that she officially showed preference to the national education system and was working to strengthen it. In Tamir's words, if the haredim want equality, they will have to join the national education system.