Gas-mask credit-card scam surfaces

A number of Israelis have filed police complaints after receiving phone calls from con artists asking for their credit card number under the guise that it is needed before their gas masks are returned.
The IDF Home Front Command began distributing gas masks to the public last week. The distribution will take three years and is being carried out by the Israel Postal Company, which contacts homeowners, schedules a visit and deliver the masks required by the family.
Each family is then asked to pay a nominal fee of around NIS 25. Thecourier will help fit the gas masks to the family members and explainhow to use them. People who prefer not to pay the fee can pick up theirkits at regional distribution centers.
The IDF Spokesman’s Office issued a statement on Wednesday warning thepublic of the scam and stressing that people should not buy gas masks,but will receive them via the Israel Postal Company.