Gaza man killed in Israeli airstrike

IDF fires on suspects approaching fence near Khan Younis.

IDF soldiers at Gaza border 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
IDF soldiers at Gaza border 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
A Palestinian was killed by IDF gunfire in southern Gaza near the town of Khan Younis before dawn on Wednesday, a Palestinian health official said.
IDF Spokesperson said soldiers saw a group of men approach Israel's border fence with Gaza and launched an airstrike against them.
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The military routinely fires on people who approach that part of the border fence in southern Gaza because it has been a frequent target of explosive devices and attempts to kidnap Israeli soldiers, IDF Spokesperson stated.
Gaza health official Moaiya Hassanain said three others were wounded in the Israeli strike.
The incident came after a period of escalated violence in the South. 
Six rockets were fired from Sinai early Monday morning. One landed in the Sinai, another in a field near Eilat and two in the Red Sea. Two more rockets landed in Jordan near the Intercontinental Hotel in Aqaba, killing one person and wounding four others.
Overnight Saturday the Israeli Air Force struck targets in Gaza in  what the IDF said was retaliation for a Kassam rocket fired into Israel which struck near Sderot damaging a building.
On Friday night, a top Hamas commander was killed and another 11 Gazans were wounded by an Israeli air strike that came in response to a Katyusha attack on Ashkelon earlier in the day.