Givati Brigade commander: Force used in Gaza not exaggerated

"The force used was not exaggerated," Givati Brigade Commander Col. Ilan Malka said on Monday morning regarding the IDF three-week operation in the Gaza Strip, adding that "we have clearly defeated Hamas." Speaking with reporters in southern Israel, Col. Malka referred to IDF fire at UN facilities, insisting the IDF knew their location, marked them to prevent shooting at them and certainly did not intentionally fire at them. According to an initial investigation, Malka continued, the UNRWA headquarters were damaged as the result of a smoke-bomb the IDF fired in order to provide screening for tanks. The smoke-bomb hit a fuel truck nearby and caused the ensuing blaze. Malka stressed that while the IDF did not target unarmed Gazans, the army would not tolerate terrorists sheltering in institutions. "We did not fight civilians; our goal was not to kill civilians. But if shots are fired at you from public places, they will not remain immune."