Guard found dead in TA security booth

Police say man apparently fell and banged his head during a fight; police arrest 62-year-old suspect.

Ambulance generic 224.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
Ambulance generic 224.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Holon resident Leonid Maushnikow, 60, was killed overnight Friday in the offices of the Israel National Road Company in Tel Aviv. The body of Maushnikow, a security guard at the premises on the city's Herzl Street, was found in his booth and an MDA team called to the scene pronounced him dead. Police said that they had received a report of the discovery of the body from a security patrol and that a man was seen running from the area. After a brief search, police arrested the suspect, a 62-year-old Tel Aviv resident. Maushnikow's wife told police at the scene that half an hour before his body was discovered, she had telephoned him and that his friend had answered, saying that her husband had fallen and was feeling unwell. The woman decided to travel to the location to see for herself. Police said that from the initial inquiry, it emerged that Maushnikow had invited his friend over to the booth and the two had eaten together and had apparently drunk alcoholic beverages. Police estimated that an argument which broke out between the two soon deteriorated into a fight, during which Maushnikow banged his head and died as a result of the severe blow.