Gulf War widow: If only I could have hung [Saddam]

"I wish I could have hung [Saddam] myself," Aviva Grunwald, widow of Eitan, who was killed by a Scud missile during the first Persian Gulf War, told Army Radio on Sunday, hours after former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was buried in his hometown of Ouja. "I would kill [Saddam] without any fear, put the rope around his neck. This man ruined my life - I left the house for fifteen minutes and came back to blood and fire and pillars of smoke." "When I saw the destruction in Haifa and the North," Grunwald continued, "I saw myself after the Scud that hit my house. I saw how I was left with a wreck of a home, without a husband or anyone to support me." Saddam was hanged to death before dawn on Saturday.