Haredi protest turns violent in Mea Sharim

Haredi protest turns vio

Some 150 haredi demonstrators gathered on the corner of Shivtei Yisrael and Hanevi'im streets in Jerusalem's Mea Sharim neighborhood on Saturday afternoon, to protest the ongoing operation of the Karta municipal parking lot on Shabbat. According to police, one demonstrator was arrested after he attacked a police officer around 4pm. Some two hours later, demonstrators moved a number of trash bins into the street and set them on fire. Police reported that rocks and other debris were thrown at officers, and security forces moved in to disperese the demonstrators. No injuries were reported although a police car suffered light damage. Similar protests - both in Mea Sharim and in other parts of the capital - have gone on, most recently without violence, on a weekly basis every Saturday afternoon since the parking lot was opened over the summer.