Harel: Step up battle vs Kassams

IDF planning chief: Israel must sever ties with PA and stop transferring aid.

yitzhak harel idf 88 (photo credit: )
yitzhak harel idf 88
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Predicting a possible new round of violence with the Palestinians, head of the IDF Planning Directorate Maj.-Gen. Yitzhak Harel has told The Jerusalem Post that Israel needs to continue escalating its response to Kassam rocket fire from the Gaza Strip while severing all ties with the Hamas-run Palestinian Authority. "Eventually, there will be no Kassam fire," Harel declared in a holiday interview with the Post, which appears in its entirety on page 13. "The question is how many steps we need to climb before we get there." Israel, Harel said, needed to sever all ties with the PA and to even stop transferring humanitarian goods through the Karni Crossing into the Gaza Strip. "There was a decision on the other side to create a government of terror," he said. "They are in Gaza and we are on the other side. The entire border with them needs to be hermetically sealed." Harel also predicted that Israel might be on the verge of a new round of violence with the Palestinians in the West Bank as well as in Gaza. He said that the IDF might decide in the near future to launch a large-scale ground operation throughout the Palestinian territories to curb the current terror rise. Turning to the Iranian front, Harel said that Israel was under an existential threat from the Islamic republic whose leader - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - wanted to destroy Israel with a nuclear bomb. The international diplomatic front together with sanctions, he said, could prove successful in stopping Iran's race to the bomb.