Hatnua Hahadasha, Meretz work on combined list

Meretz and Hatnua Hahadasha (The New Move) agreed Wednesday evening to place representatives of the new group in the third, seventh and 12th spots of the parties' joint Knesset list. The decision by the two parties' negotiating teams came three days after Meretz held its primary. Among Hatnua Hahadasha candidates likely to be on the combined list are former Labor MK Tzali Reshef and two former advisers to Labor chairman Ehud Barak - Gilad Sher and Yossi Kucik. Former Labor MK Uzi Baram's son, journalist Nir Baram, is also a possibility, as is Channel 10's Nitzan Horowitz, who is considering the invitation to run for the Knesset with the party. The final arrangements will be made by the end of this week and will be brought for approval by the Meretz Council on Sunday.