Help the undecided decide

According to polls, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have yet to decide on which party to vote for in Tuesday's elections. Now is your chance to convince them. Click here to send your comment and the most convincing ones will be published on this page. R.P. Gosselin: The Likud is strong on Security & strong on the Economy The Likud will keep Jerusalem united and keep the Golan safe, We've already seen how giving land for promises has lead to war, not peace. The Likud understands this. Even Meretz admits "moderate" Arabs are not interested in agreeing to a 2 state solution. Israel Beitenu are just hack politicians, Labor and Kadima don't get it. Only the Likud has the strong leadership Israel needs. Manjula Michaelson, US: Netanyahu had his chance and failed. Barak had his chance and almost gave the temple mount away. Lieberman is an extremist. That leaves Livni and she is undoubtedly Israel's best hope. Anyone who believes that she will be soft on security did not read her biography. Golda Meir was a strong woman and an equally strong Prime Minister - Livni will be the same! Eli, Israel: Whoever you vote for, vote out of hope and not fear. It's so easy to get caught up in the diplomatic-security situation that plagues our tiny land that we are often forced to relegate social and environmental concerns to the back burner. As a Zionist, I believe in the right of Israel to protect its people from war and terror; however, our Zionism cannot be complete if we neglect the very land and culture that we have fought so hard to protect. The proud victories of our young state have always been rooted in hope for our future, and respect for our past. On Tuesday, vote out of hope and not fear - it is our best defence. Nachum Froumin, Israel: I came because I am Jewish and concerned for the safety of Jewish people wherever. The State of Israel is supposed to be the safest place for the Jewish people. But as in 2006 in the north and now for 8 years in the south Jewish people are afraid to go out of the house. Intolerable! Yisrael Beiteinu is the only party that UNDERSTANDS the reality. Vote for Zionism! Ben, Israel: Vote for Shas or UTJ. I think that we have to be more broad at what were voting we are Jews who have been wondering for 2000 years what do you think kept us together as a nation in exile so long and survive? It wasn't just random. why didn't the Romans survive they were far more powerful? The answer is the Torah kept us going. How else do you explain war after war missile after missile and Israel always wins and way outnumbered loses 6500+ rockets and a embarrassing amount of damage if not the fact were the Jews and have the Torah vote for shas/UTJ and pray that g-d help us along the way to peace. Rachel Warren, Israel: We are facing a security crisis that is being mishandled by spineless leaders who bend to international pressure. If you would like this situation to continue and/or worsen, you have many choices: Kadima, Likud, Labor, and most other parties. Why are they all spineless leaders who will follow the suicidal two state solution plan? Because they view Israel as small and the US, UN, etc. as big, and therefore we must follow them. If you beleive that we can defeat our enemies because HaShem is with us, choose Ichud Leumi--the only party whose platform rules out the terrorist bogus PA state.