IAF orders new drones from Elbit Systems

Due to successful use in Lebanon war, airforce will get additional advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

idf uav 298.88 yakov kat (photo credit: Yaakov Katz)
idf uav 298.88 yakov kat
(photo credit: Yaakov Katz)
Due to their successful use in the second Lebanon war, the Israel Air Force has decided to order a number of advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) developed and manufactured by Elbit Systems that, according to Aviation Week, carry air-to-surface missiles. The IAF refused to confirm that an order was placed and Elbit Systems officials would not specify the quantity that was ordered. On Wednesday, Elbit CEO Joseph Ackerman reported the company's financial results for 2006, noting a record in revenues and a year-end backlog of orders totaling $3.79 billion. Net profits more than doubled over a year earlier to $72.2 million and revenues increased by 42 percent to $1.52b. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ordered by the IAF is Elbit System's Hermes 450, which according to Aviation Week is operated by Squadron 200, based out of Palmahim Air Force Base near Ashdod. Speaking at a press conference in Tel Aviv, Ackerman said that a number of Elbit systems proved themselves during the Lebanon war last summer. "Our UAVs flew for thousands of hours during the war," he said. "And as a result, there are new orders."