IDF: Beware gas-mask collector imposters

Home Front Command no longer collects masks, public should avoid anyone claiming to represent it.

gas masks 3 224.88 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
gas masks 3 224.88
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
The Home Front Command no longer collects or distributes gas masks, and the public should not cooperate with any company or individual claiming to represent the command and seeking to verify personal details, the IDF Spokesman's Office has told The Jerusalem Post. The Post queried the IDF Monday after receiving several e-mails warning of an identity theft scam being carried out against unsuspecting citizens in the name of the Home Front Command. According to the IDF, the Home Front Command stopped collecting or distributing the masks in July, and there is currently no company authorized to collect or distribute them. If the army resumes the process, the command will notify the public via the media, a spokesman said. An e-mail message without a verifiable author began circulating in Israel this week describing an apparent attempt at identity theft. According to the e-mail, someone was called by an individual claiming to represent the Home Front Command, who asked them to verify such personal details as their home addresses, their telephone numbers and their family members' information. The callers said they already had exact information, but just wanted to verify it, according to the anonymous author of the e-mail. After becoming suspicious, the e-mail's author wrote, he refused to continue cooperating and called the Home Front Command to make sure the call was genuine. The author did not explain what made him suspicious. The e-mail's author claimed that the Home Front Command told him that the thieves had broken into the Population Registry computers at the Home Front Command and obtained the information. However, military sources told the Post on Monday that that was impossible, because those systems are not on-line; the Home Front Command does not use them because they no longer collect nor distribute gas masks. The sources also pointed out that the registry computer network is accessible in all public institutions. An Israel Police representative said they were not aware of any complaints regarding such a scam.