IDF fixing southern cities' siren problems

Color Red alarm can be heard on 103.6 FM in Beersheba, 99.8 FM in Gedera, Yavne, 101.5 FM in Ashdod, Ashkelon, 95.8 FM in Rahat, Ofakim, 104.0 FM in Gaza-belt.

air raid siren 88 (photo credit: )
air raid siren 88
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Warning sirens in communities that have come into the extended 40 km. range of Hamas rocket fire should all be working properly within the next few days, the IDF Home Front Command said Thursday. Beersheba, where many problems with the sirens have been experienced, should be fully covered by Friday, said Col. Eitan Yitzhak, the commander of Home Front Command's southern district. Some sirens are not triggering properly, while others cannot be heard. Where the sirens are not sounding automatically, the Home Front Command has assigned soldiers to activate them manually when they receive a beeper message that a Color Red alert has been declared for the area. "These soldiers ensure the siren is activated in areas that are not fully covered, but this role is only temporary, until we reach a complete and perfect coverage of sirens in all areas that are in the range of the rockets," Yitzhak said. He declined to say how many soldiers had been assigned this duty. Later on Thursday afternoon, reports came in of problems with this new solution. Some of the soldiers were slow to trigger the alarm because they were having lunch, or were farther away than they should have been when a report of a fired rocket was received. Where the siren cannot be heard, residents are asked to listen to radio stations that play a message when an alert has been declared for a particular city. Yitzhak said that the Command had working for the past few days to improve the sirens' audibility in Beersheba and to install it in other communities such as Omer. "We are working around the clock to cover all communities in the rocket range," he said. "This is only a temporary solution, but we want to stress that residents in areas where the siren is not heard well enough or is not activated automatically can hear the 'Color Red' alert via several radio stations," he said. When asked what about smaller communities, he said: "The most important thing is that people follow the Home Front Command's instructions. These are life-saving guidelines." The Color Red alarm can be heard on 103.6 FM in Beersheba and its environs, 99.8 FM in Beersheba, Gedera and Yavne, 101.5 FM in Ashdod and Ashkelon, 95.8 FM in Rahat and Ofakim, and 104.0 FM in the Gaza-periphery.