IDF inquiry: 'Weapon game killed Golani soldier'

Battalion inquiry states Or Hadad hit when fellow soldier was showing others how to use gun's site.

Or Hadad 248.88 (photo credit: Channel 10)
Or Hadad 248.88
(photo credit: Channel 10)
The results of a battalion inquiry cited "a soldier playing with his weapon" as the reason for the death of Or Hadad, the 20-year-old Golani Brigade sergeant killed when a gun discharged during a training exercise on a Golan Heights base two weeks ago. According to the probe conducted by Battalion 51, in which Hadad served, "We lost a soldier for no reason." The investigation stated that a fellow soldier took his gun after a roll call and proceeded to show a comrade how to use the Tavor's optical sight. "Now I'm aiming at Or Hadad," said the soldier, before the gun accidentally went off and a bullet hit Hadad, who was in a separate tent in the base. It also emerged that the offending soldier had not disassembled and cleaned his weapon for three weeks. In the previous roll call, not all the weapons were disassembled since the squad commander had accepted a request from several of the soldiers who had not managed to clean their guns. Battalion commander Lt.-Col. Shuki Ribak described the soldier's conduct as "criminal." The Army Spokespersons Unit stressed that it was an internal battalion probe only, and that the OC Northern Command had ordered the establishment of an inquiry commission which was yet to complete its investigation.