IDF kills top Tanzim terrorist in Nablus

Man was supposed to deliver chemicals for Ramat Gan restaurant poisoning, escaped from PA prison.

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A top Tanzim terrorist was killed early Friday morning in an IDF operation in Nablus's Balata refugee camp, the army said. Soldiers from the Duvdevan elite unit entered the camp to arrest the man and surrounded a house inside which he had holed himself up together with an Islamic Jihad operative. The soldiers called on the two gunmen to surrender and at least one of them opened fire toward the troops. The soldiers returned fire, killing one of the men. He was identified as Hani Al-Kabi. The Islamic Jihad operative, Samir Abu Leil, then gave himself up to the forces. There were no casualties among the IDF soldiers. Two M-16 rifles, numerous ammunition clips and combat equipment were found in the house. The army said that Kabi was supposed to deliver chemicals to two illegal Palestinian workers in order to poison the food they served at a restaurant in Ramat Gan. The two workers were arrested on March 19 - just days before they were scheduled to receive the poison. The IDF added that Kabi was in direct contact with Hizbullah and received instructions from the terror group regarding the types of terror attack to perpetrate as well as other means of support. He was also allegedly involved in a planned suicide bomb attack in August 2007 and organized another would-be bomb attack in which a 10-kilogram explosive device made from an empty fire-extinguisher, explosives and nails were hidden in the carcass of a sheep. Between August and October 2007, Kabi planned and took part in two shooting attacks in Balata, wounding two IDF soldiers, said the army, adding that in December 2007, he was involved in an attempted attack against a bus carrying IDF soldiers in Kalkilya and planned another suicide bombing. Sources in the IDF Central Command said that Kabi was arrested by the PA in December 2007 before the bombing could be carried out but escaped from Jneid Prison in Nablus in February 2009 with some 10 other inmates. The sources said that his arrest Friday by Duvdevan had contributed to preventing the perpetration of terror attacks throughout the Pessah holiday. Later Friday, at Kabi's funeral procession, an angry Palestinian mob hurled stones at Jneid Prison.