IDF kills two Hamas gunmen in Gaza

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An elite IDF unit killed two armed Hamas members and arrested a number of others in a ground operation inside the Gaza Strip on Monday night, the army said. According to reports, the fugitives attempted to evade arrest. The soldiers opened fire, killing two. Palestinian medical officials identified the dead men as Abdul Karim Shaath and Muhammad Muamar. The wife of another wanted Hamas member was wounded in the shootout and two other men were arrested, the security officials said. The troops entered the Strip via the Sufa Crossing. No casualties were reported among the soldiers. Meanwhile, in the West Bank, IDF troops made high-profile arrests in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus Monday overnight, army officials told The Jerusalem Post. Four Fatah activists were apprehended, among them Jamal a-Tirawi, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Tirawi, a relative of General Intelligence commander in the West Bank Taufik Tirawi, was one of the leaders of the Aksa Martyrs' Brigades and currently serves as Fatah spokesperson in the Palestinian Parliament. Also among the detainees was Rabih Abu Leil, a senior Aksa official in the Balata camp and in Nablus. Tirawi's arrest is somewhat surprising, as he is a member of the party of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Tirawi was also one of the outspoken critics of Hamas recently, citing specifically the organization's military wing and its role in the recent escalation in the Gaza Strip. In all, during overnight IDF operations 18 terror suspects were arrested. Close to midnight Monday, IAF aircraft attacked targets in the Beit Hanun area. IDF officials said the targets included a Hamas training base and a Hamas outpost. Palestinians said missiles were fired at a community center building. AP contributed to this report.