IDF launches internal ‘eBay’ Web site

Site to service all units and serve as “virtual store” to sell surplus equipment.

In an effort to save money, the IDF has created an internal eBay-like Web site where army units can buy and sell surplus equipment and earn money that can be used to increase their independent procurement budgets.
The brainchild of Brig.-Gen. Maharn Prosenfer, the IDF chief financial adviser, the new site will be located on the internal army network and will not be accessible to the outside world.
The site will service all IDF units and will serve as a “virtual store” to sell surplus equipment, excluding weaponry and vehicles, Prosenfer said on Thursday.
“This can eventually save millions of shekels,” Prosenfer said. “Everyyear we spend NIS 50 billion. Forty percent goes to manpower and 20%goes to buy new supplies and equipment. Some of this money could besaved by using what we already have.”
Units will be allowed to set their own prices for the items, based ontheir estimation of how valuable they are. Items that can be sold onthe site include office equipment, computer systems, communicationdevices and clothing.
“There is an incentive to use the site, since then units will have extra budget to use,” Prosenfer explained.