IDF nabs 7 Islamic Jihad members planning attack

The seven Islamic Jihad fugitives were arrested by security forces in the West Bank before dawn on Wednesday, are members of an infrastructure that were planning to launch an attack in Israel in the coming days, the army said. Their arrests came at a time the army said it would refrain from launching initiated operations over a 72 hour period, unless information was received of a "ticking bomb. " The seven fugitives were arrested in Ailar and Saide two villages located north of Tulkarm that are considered to be Islamic Jihad strongholds. Elsewhere in the West Bank on Wednesday, security forces arrested two Fatah Tanzim fugitives in Bethlehem, another fugitive south of Bethlehem and a fugitive affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Beit Fruik southeast of Nablus.