IDF releases new 'Marmara' clip

Passengers heard telling radio operator to "go back to Auschwitz."

mavi marmara passengers 311 (photo credit: IDF Spokesperson)
mavi marmara passengers 311
(photo credit: IDF Spokesperson)
The IDF Spokesperson on Friday released a new clip depicting Monday's events on board the Mavi Marmara, this time an audio recording of the exchange between the ship and a radio operator from the Navy who urged the captain to turn back.
"You are approaching an area which is under a naval blockade," said the radio operator, to which one passenger on the ship replied, "Shut up, go back to Auschwitz."
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Another voice then addressed the Navy, saying the ship had permission from the Gaza Port Authority to enter the blockaded area.
"We're helping Arabs go against the US," added another voice. "Don't forget 9/11, guys."