IDF returns artillery fire on North Gaza

Cannons fly at nothern Gaza; IAF planes zoom overhead, creating sonic booms.

IDF artillery rained fire on north Gaza Monday evening in response to the trajectory ammunition fired at Sderot from the Gaza Strip earlier in the evening,. Cannons were firing at the area from which either Kassam rockets or mortar shells had been launched. IAF planes flew overhead, purposely creating sonic booms. An army statement declared that the IDF would continue to use any method in its power to prevent harm from coming to Israeli citizens. Sderot's early warning system indicated five launches toward the city. IDF sweeps discovered the remains of two rockets or mortar shells, and no one was reported wounded in the attack. Early Monday morning, the IDF raided Tulkarm in search of Islamic Jihad terrorist, and killed prominent Jihad member Louie Sa'adi. The Jihad vowed to avenge Sa'adi's death, and this was probably the reason for the artillery fire into Israel, although the Jihad has still not formally claimed responsibility. The IDF on Monday also discovered two bombs near the security fence, which were defused without incident. All border crossings between the Gaza Strip and Israel have been closed following the latest outbreak of violence.