IDF to start preparation course for division heads

Following a scathing report by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss on inadequacies in Israel's military and security establishments, deputy head of IDF Ground Forces Maj.-Gen. Meir Kalifi announced Tuesday morning that the IDF planned to start a mandatory preparation course for division commanders. Regarding the comptroller's revelations on the army's weapons inventory, Kalifi said, "I can only chuckle at the accusations in the comptroller's report that the IDF establishment is clueless as to the inventory of our emergency storehouses." In an interview with Army Radio, Kalifi said "the IDF is not error-free, but we are a body that listens to criticism and is ready to implement it in those points were we did make mistakes." He added that the IDF had taken measures to deal with the problems as soon as the report was released. "The IDF is taking care of implementing the conclusions. This is an issue of time - there are areas in which we're okay, and areas that are less so. [Those areas], we will correct."