IDF uncovers seven Kassam launchers

Army concludes its extended operation to foil terror activity near Beit Hanun.

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The IDF uncovered seven Kassam launchers near Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip during operations on Friday . One of the launchers was ready to be used in the near future, the army said. During the operation, Givati troops conducted comprehensive searches in fields and orchards from which rockets were launched into Israel. Soldiers all seven launchers connected to stopwatches, including one that had a rocket already in place. The IDF described operations in Beit Hanun and in central Gaza as defensive action whose aim was to foil terrorist efforts to harm military forces operating in the area and to thwart terror attacks against Israeli targets. The army on Friday afternoon wrapped up its operation in the Gaza Strip that left 11 Palestinians dead and more than 20 wounded. Reconnaissance troops from the military's Givati Brigade began operating in the area several days ago. The army interrogated 109 Palestinians during the operations and nine of them were transferred to Israel for further questioning. AP contributed to this report.