Illegal worker with sick baby authorized to stay

Tel Aviv District Court Judge Sarah Gadot overruled the Ministry of Interior and allowed an illegal worker from Ghana to remain in Israel because his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter suffers from a hole in her heart. The worker, Amos Krampa, arrived in Israel on a tourist visa on January 19, 2000 and has remained ever since. He was arrested on November 19, 2003 but allowed to remain in Israel because his wife was pregnant and unwell. Their baby was born in April 2004. Recently, the Interior Ministry decided to deport Krampa. Krampa appealed the decision but the ministry rejected it after being told that for the time being, the baby just required observation and there was a good chance the hole would close by itself. However, the judge ruled that since the baby's state of health was uncertain, the Ministry of Interior should wait until it completed its work on establishing criteria for allowing illegal sojourners with health problems to remain in Israel.